Ten hot product ideas you can sell in 2017

Cyber Monday and black Friday is a big business opportunity for online entrepreneurs. Last year, online shoppers spent almost $3 billion on Black Friday.

Unfortunately, not every product will gain traction on Black Friday. But what if you have the information about the products that would be big this Black Friday?

In this article, I would give you some product ideas that would be hot to sell.

  1. Waterproof phone case. The demand for waterproof cases is increasing by the day. It is no joke that water damage is the most common phone killer. That is why people will waterproof case more than ever. Water proof cases provide people with a protective and durable shell to provide their phones from water.

  1. Liquid phone cases. With the way the world is advancing, the average human can’t do without their phones. Phones are already at the center of our lives; they tell us what to eat, how to live, where we are going. Liquid phone cases are unique. Last year, liquid phone cases were in high popularity in the Black Friday. It is likely for the liquid phone cases to gain high popularity this year too.

  1. Rechargeable lighters. The world is advancing into vapes and e-cigarettes. This is how rechargeable lighters are very important. Rechargeable lighters are fuelless, flameless and a better alternative to the traditional lighters out there. The rise of rechargeable lighters during the black Friday last year was impressive, and it is most likely going to be like that this year.

  1. Phone power banks. The demand for power banks and external batteries has increased throughout the year. Pokémon GO’s popularity is also a factor influencing the rise of power banks and external batteries. Power banks and external batteries helped players of the Pokémon GO complete their challenge in case their battery runs out. Although the Pokémon GO is fading out, the demand for power banks and external batteries is still high as ever. The demand for power banks was high last year, and we don’t think this year would be an exception.

  1. Bluetooth speakers. The demand for Bluetooth speakers has increased due to the increase in the use of phone. The demand for Bluetooth speakers was high last year, and we are predicting it will be that high this year.

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