How to create an online course with WordPress

 Most of us want to create an online course, but we don’t know the first thing about creating an online course.

 However, with WordPress, you can setup an online course easily without a problem. There are various themes and plug-ins available just to help you create your course.

 So let’s dive in

How to setup your website

Before you setup your website, you need a domain name and web hosting. You can get your domain registration with GoDaddy or NameCheap. You can also get web hosting through Bluehost or iPage. However, Bluehost is a cheap option for web hosting.

How to plan your course

Now that you have setup your website, you need to plan your course. Before you choose a theme or plug-in, you should know what kind of course you want to create.

Before you plan your online course, you should put the following into consideration:

  1. Course restrictions. You should determine how you want to set up your course and the content which will be available to students.

  1. Type of content. You should think thoroughly of the types of content that you want to include in your course. You might want to include text, quizzes or videos. It all depends on you.

  1. Outline of the course. This is the most important step you should consider. You must be able to structure the materials for your course, if you don’t know how to structure the material for your course, it might be difficult for you to setup the course to meet your needs, and you might end up choosing the wrong solution.

Online course plug-ins and theme

Since you have planned your course, the next step is to choose plug-ins and themes for your online course. Here are some plug-ins and themes you should know:

  • Sensei. Sensei is a top online plug-in. The cost of sensei starts from $129 for a single site. Sensei is a perfect integration with WooCommerce and all the themes from WooThemes. It also contains a wide range of extensions to customize your course.
  • Academy. The academy theme is a great one. It includes user-management and built-in-course. It also includes WooCommerce integration. It is available for $59.
  • LearnPress. The LearnPress plug-in is a free option for your online courses. It is a good plug-in for newbies who don’t have too much money to spare. However, there is a premium part of the LearnPress that can be gotten for $19.99.
  • Course Cats. Course Cats is as sweet WordPress theme designed to help you in creating an online course. It also includes necessary plugins that would help you build your course.

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